Boyfriend describes my make up

I saw this on Ilse Danielle‘s blog and absolutely loved the post so I thought I’d recreate my own version using my boyfriend, Josh. He always watches me doing my make up and has questioned a few of the products before, so I’m intrigued to see how much he really knows and how much he pays attention! A little pre-warning, he uses quite a few naughty words and I’ve left them in because it’s how he describes it – the little foul mouth! So without rambling too much, lets just jump in to it!

So Josh, how much do you think you know about make up?

A fair bit.

Have you ever bought a make up item for me that you had no idea what it was for?

No I’ve known everything I’ve bought you and what the purpose of it was.

Name something you’ve bought me.

Errrm, Soap and Glory, is that the eyebrow pencil? Was it Soap and Glory? It was definitely an eyebrow pencil…. from Boots.

(Dropping a brand in there already!)

Describe the item.

It was small and thin, in a black case. Black, small, thin pencil. It had two ends, one was thicker and one was smaller… thinner.


Okay, now I want you to describe the following make up items for me:

ConcealerShit. Erm (long pause) hides your spots. I’m pretty sure that’s all it does innit?

MascaraGives your eyelashes more volume. (Smug look) you know that sounded good!

FoundationThat shit that goes on your face. A foundation for all the other make ups to go on top of. Like a foundation for blush and shit, a coat for all the other make ups. 

(I love that he called it ‘make ups’)

StrobingStrobing?! I don’t know that sounds sexual. Strobing? You rub a ball on your face or summit? Sounds like a massaging thing you do to your face!

(Just… what?)

LipstickSomething that goes on your lips. It can range from matte to glossy.

Lip glossMakes your lips shiny, you can have standard or sparkly I think.

Lip linerShit that goes around your mouth to shape your mouth. Makes your lips pop!

EyeshadowStupid shit you used to wear at school when it was bright green. On your eyelids, just below your eyebrow.

BronzerMakes you look more tan.

HighlightMakes you shine. Isn’t highlight like contour and stuff? Like (gestures to cheekbones), doing your lines?

ContourMakes your facial features stand out more? Cheekbones, nose bridge, I think some people do it in the middle of their brows? Pretty sure some people do their neck too. 

(I’ve never met anyone that contours the middle of their brows, personally!)

Brow gel: Sticks your brows together… I’m guessing it’s like hair gel for brows. Flattens them down so they’re not poofy and bushy.

PrimerCoat that goes on after your foundation? I don’t know what that does to be honest it just sounds like it goes on after foundation.

BB Cream: What? BB Cream? (Laughs) I don’t fucking have a clue. Brows and… what else begins with a B on your face? I don’t know, brows and beauty or some shit. Cream for your eyebrows? Sounds like a BB Gun.

Micellar Water: Oooh I know this one! Facial scrub to remove make up and maintain clear skin. Looking after your pores. Yeaaah, cause you get the Garnier one!

(Yes! Second brand he’s named!)

EyelinerIt’s like the eyebrow liner, you can make shapes and thicken stuff can’t you?

BlushGoes on your cheeks to make them look brighter.

Was this test hard?

Yeah kinda because I didn’t understand what some of them were. Some of them sounded non existent. Fucking BB Cream.

Do you think you could do my make up the same way I do it?

Could I fuck, no chance! Unless you wanna look like the joker there’s no chance.

And there we have it. Josh describing make up products! Personally, I think the best thing he said is that people contour between their brows. What on earth?! I really enjoyed doing this tag and hope you get as much enjoyment out of this as I did! Let me know what your favourite part is!

If you do this tag, be sure to leave a link in the comments so I can read!



87 thoughts on “Boyfriend describes my make up

  1. leahhprescott says:

    He actually did really well?? what?? I bet he watches all the “make ups” people on youtube in secret when you’re out😂 the strobing thing was hilarious! you should defo do a post where he does your make up and see how well/bad he actually does!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashlexyz says:

      I know I was impressed! Hahaha make ups 😂 I died at that! To be fair to him, strobing is quite a new thing that I don’t do so he’d never know! I’m planning that post for the new year I think! Xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily says:

    This is hilarious!! It’s amazing how little guys understand about makeup 😂😂. I love your parenthetical comments with his answers, too. And I must confess: I don’t know what strobing is, either!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sophie says:

    Haha love the fact concealer is just for spots and micellar water is a ‘scrub’ bless him! Although I doubt my boyfriend would do any better! :’)

    Thanks for sharing this with us haha! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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