No Spend November Fail

So I put myself on a spending ban throughout the end of October/November and as I’m sat at my laptop twiddling my thumbs thinking about a post to write, it’s come to my attention that I’ve failed. Drastically. Technically, I’ve not really been buying much at all but my boyfriend has been splurging a little bit on me which when we put all our money together for bills etc, it still counts as failing no spend November! So I don’t feel as awful for all of these purchases, I thought I’d throw them together for a blog post and make it worth while!

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte in 700 ‘Trendsetter’ and Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 55 ‘My Nude’

These two lipsticks are basically exactly the same colour except one is matte (£6.99)and one has a bit more of a glossy finish to it (£6.49). I love nude lipsticks and these two just stood out to me and when I put it on (as soon as I got home after buying it) I decided they’re both the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade. Can we also just talk about the Kate Moss rose gold packaging? I was sold as soon as I saw it! I’m a sucker for nude lipsticks as I’m too scared to leave my comfort zone and go bolder than a pink, so these are perfect!

Makeup Revolution ‘Redemption’ Iconic Smokey Palette

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, I’m not an eyeshadow person. I don’t know how to apply it to my overly hooded eyelids (if you have any tips or tutorials, please let me know!!). I bought this because it’s a gorgeous palette of neutral shades with a few shimmery and lighter shades as well, which as expected from a smokey palette – would create the perfect smokey eye look. This was only £6, so it was an absolute steal!


Makeup Revolution Ultra Shadows in ‘Beyond Flawless’

Again, I thought if I had a few eyeshadow palettes it would encourage me to give them a try. This palette is basically the same as Redemption except there’s a lot more choice and loads more lighter shades! I feel like lighter shades would work better on hooded eyelids rather than heavy dark eye make up so I’ll start forcing myself to try them out as they’re too beautiful to sit and look pretty! This palette was only £8.


Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette ‘Highlight’

I mentioned this palette in my October favourites after only having it a few days. When I saw this I couldn’t walk away without owning it! Highlight is a very new part of my make up routine and for years I’ve only ever had the Soap and Glory ‘Glow All Out’ but never really used it. A couple of weeks ago I had the sudden urge to highlight the crap out of my face so I bought this and I’ve never looked back! I’m literally obsessed with this palette, which only took £8 out of my pocket! It has 3 gorgeous shades, but of course my favourite is the frosty white one. Makeup Revolution have a lot of really great palettes and I would urge everyone to check them out! I’ve not looked at much else from them apart from palettes so I definitely need to!


L’Oreal Paris Blush Sculpt in 201 ‘Soft Rosy’

I used to use blush years and years ago when I didn’t know how to use make up properly and as soon as bronzing and contouring was a thing, I said bye bye to blush. During the summer months my face lacks any blush like pigmentation so I purchased this as it has a trio of shades that are all equally lovely. Bright pink blush is no longer my thing and these shades all swirled together complement my skin tone perfectly, however I do try to avoid the pink and just catch the other two. This was £7.99 from Superdrug.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit in Medium to Dark

I also mentioned this in my October favourites. My brows are super important to me because when I get stressed or anxious (which normally come hand in hand) I pull on my eyebrows until they fall out, which caused me to have naked brow patches. For a good few years now I’ve used Soap & Glory brow products and they’ve been fab, but I fancied a change so when I saw this little kit I picked it up and have used it every day since. I have naturally blonde hair and my eyebrows are pretty light too, but I like to go for a darker brow look! The little tweezers inside are also the best tweezers I have ever used, and for £9.99 I’m a very happy chap!

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist

Once again, another product that was previously mentioned. I love this scent, it’s super sweet and yummy which is perfect for me because I hate floral scents. The smell doesn’t last long at all but a quick freshen up is delightful! For £8 I’m sure there’s a lot more choice of sweet smells that can last longer, but I had to give in to the temptation there and then!


Makeup Revolution Flat Contour Brush

The rose gold made me buy it. That’s all I have to say. Also, I don’t think that you can ever have too many make up brushes – especially if they’re rose gold! It matches my new Rimmel lipstick too, not that I use them together but I feel like it justifies it a little bit. Does it? The cream one is just a cheap one I picked up from Wilkinson’s so I could experiment with eyeshadow.


Light Box

I’ve been eyeing this up for ages in New Look and since seeing so many more people using them I just had to buy one! I was waiting for it to go down in price but got too impatient and picked it up anyway. I’m too weak to say no.


James Arthur Back From The Edge

I adore James Arthur. Loved him on X Factor, loved his first album (it was actually my go-to album from the day it was released for a full year afterwards). When James disappeared from the music scene for a while I was gutted, so for him to come back with Say You Won’t Let Go (now mine and my boyfriends ‘song’ as the first verse was basically how we met/the start of our relationship), it was only a must for me to buy the whole album! I don’t buy albums any more, I normally just listen to songs on spotify or youtube etc, but this is one I needed to have a physical copy of and boy I’m glad I did!



I’m sure the whole way through this post you’ve been wondering “Ashley, what is your background image?!” Well, my friends, that is my new bedding. How stinking adorable is it?! I got it from Asda for £16 and as soon as I clapped eyes on it, it was coming home with me. It has foxes on one side and hedgehogs on the other. It’s stupidly soft and I’ve slept the cosiest I’ve slept in a while since having it!


That just about sums up all of the naughty purchases I (or my boyfriend) have made this month! Turns out, I just can’t resist rose gold packaging, nude lipsticks or new bedding. Who knew?!

Have you made any naughty purchases this month?



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75 thoughts on “No Spend November Fail

  1. Hannah says:

    I don’t blame you for failing haha, all these products are gorgeous! I really want to try out the lipsticks and the Beyond Flawless palette!

    Hannah |

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashlexyz says:

      I’ve just moved back to a town that has an Asda (I’ve lived without one for 3 years!) and they’ve definitely stepped up their bedding/homeware! I wish I could have resisted the light box but I figure it will work well for my blog!



  2. JustRere says:

    I really want to try the Zoella scents! Does she sell those in the U.S? Also awesome for you trying to cut spending this time of year. -JustRere


  3. Emily says:

    Hey, you did pretty well if this is all you bought in October/November! (PS: I buy wayyyy too many things, so maybe my judgment is a bit off 😂😂). I absolutely LOVE rose gold everything, so that purchase is totally understandable, and the lightbox is just so fun!



  4. saarwalkingthroughthepages says:

    In all honesty, those buys were probably worth it – and I could never do a buying ban, so cuddos to you for even getting as far with it as you did!


  5. Sophie says:

    Aw bless you, at least you didn’t go too crazy with the spending, and thanks for the post reviewing the products ;D

    I adore the bedding, I personally would have it on the hedgehog side as I adore the little guys :’) the makeup revolution pallete looks really good though 🙂 xx


    • ashlexyz says:

      I am impressed with how little I bought compared to usual! I do love the hedgehog side but the fox side just speaks to me – I absolutely adore it! My boyfriend is currently arguing with me and wants it on the hedgehog side haha. Makeup Revolution has really stepped up their palette game! xo


  6. leahhprescott says:

    I started reading this when you first uploaded it but Willow woke up so I only just remembered to read the end of it!! I am so obsessed and in love with James Arthur its probably borderline creepy and I’ve just added yet another highlight to purchase on my never ending list of Highlight Must Haves…its becoming a problem. I just want to own them all! Also that bedding is the cutest thing I have ever seen,but I vote Fox side!!


    • ashlexyz says:

      Oh isn’t James Arthur brilliant?! I’m so so so glad he’s returned from his little break with this album, it’s insanely good! I highly recommend this highlight! 3 options and it was quite cheap really… definitely gives a great glow! I did try the hedgehog side but soon reverted back to the fox side, it’s far too stinking cute! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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