REVIEW | Kylie Jenner Lipkit

I did it. I managed to get my hands on a lipkit.

It’s not that I tried and failed before – I could just never bring myself to pay that amount of money for what was primarily Kylie Jenner’s name on a box. For long enough, I managed to avoid temptation. And then someone I know got one and that was the last straw for me – I had to get it!

So I splurged $43.95 in the end, for my lipkit and postage, which is roughly £35.86 if that has been converted correctly. Although I have never paid over £15 for lipstick of any kind, for some reason I was willing to for this one. I mean, I did get a liner and a matte lipstick! Fast forward quite a lengthy wait, I got a letter through the door saying my parcel was with the post office and that I had to go pay the customs fee of £12 to pick it up.

What?! Yep. I got smacked with an unexpected fee, on top of the £36 I had already coughed up for this lipkit. This took my total cost up to about £48. Not such a good deal for two products now. Unhappy and disgusted, I asked my boyfriend to go pick it up for me and as mad I was about the fee, I was still insanely excited to get my hands on my lipkit!

So, onto the lipkit. I’m not one for bold, daring colours so I went for Posie K. I absolutely loved it on every photo I saw of it and it was the only one that really spoke to me.

Firstly, the packaging is so nice. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about the design but personally I love it. It’s simplistic and does exactly what it’s supposed to – advertise the product. Upon opening the tube of lipstick, a glorious smell hit me. Oh my, the smell! I love sweet smells, and this is right up my street. The only way I can describe the smell is like mini eggs (the mini chocolate eggs in a crunchy outer shell) so the smell for me is 10/10. I have seen some people say it’s quite floral but I don’t get any floral smell at all so maybe the smell varies on each tube? I’ve also seen a lot of negativity surrounding the smell. I’m not sure, but Posie K smells gorgeous.

Onto the actual lip liner and lipstick, the liner is smooth and glides on perfectly. I found that it smudges very easily so there’s not really much room for error unless you can afford to touch it up constantly. The lipstick itself is an extremely wet consistency so it doesn’t tug your lips like many other mattes that I’ve tried. When applying, it’s a velvet texture that’s super creamy. It dries kind of like cream to powder consistency and to begin with it felt quite heavy on my lips, but as it dried it definitely felt more lightweight.

Speaking of it drying, it’s most definitely not a moisturising lipstick. It was okay for about 20 minutes, the texture was nice. But when it has properly dried my lips felt like they were cracking and ready to crumble off. The staying power is incredible though. I went out for a meal and there was barely any movement! No lipstick on my straw or on the glass, no lipstick smudged up my face or teeth and at the end of the meal I still a full set of colour on my lips! I guess that’s the compromise – dry lips for staying power? To moisturise my lips I did put a clear coat of balm over the top, but this did take some of the colour pigment from my lips.


Overall, if you’re looking for a long lasting, matte (but also very drying) lipstick, this is for you. I put this on my hand to swatch and went in the shower a few hours later and it would not come off, even after scrubbing and using my face wash! In the end it come off by me scrubbing my hand with a baby wipe (ouch).

Am I glad I purchased Posie K? Yes.

Will I be making another Kylie Lipkit purchase? Absolutely not.

Nearly £50 later and I ended up with a lipkit that’s quite a generic colour anyway and it dries my lips out like no other, the only selling point would be the smell. But I’m not one for buying lipstick for the smell, so I’ll give the lipkits a pass.

What have your experiences with the Kylie’s lipkits been like? Am I completely on my own in liking the scent?



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39 thoughts on “REVIEW | Kylie Jenner Lipkit

  1. theheathsblog says:

    I honestly love the look of them all but I don’t think I fancy spending near enough £50 for one lip kit. I think thats ridiculous,idc who she is!! Nyx Suede Liquid Lipsticks are so so nice and are about £6,so I think I’ll stick to those. I find they stay long enough, are super soft,more variety of shades and don’t make my lips dry up if you’re looking for some liquid lipsticks that aren’t so crazily priced!xx


  2. ellieslittleeworld says:

    The colour really suits you! I wanted a lip kit for ages but luckily always stopped myself from buying one and now the hype has died down I don’t want it that bad anymore. The customs do NOT sound fun and the most expensive lipstick I have is £15 from MAC so I would never be able to spend £50 xo


    • ashlexyz says:

      Thank you! I wish I managed to stop myself… as much as I’m glad I have it and I do wear it sometimes, £50 just seems crazy! One of my most loved is Velvet Teddy from Mac so I might stick with that for now! Xo


    • ashlexyz says:

      Thank you! They look gorgeous, o wish I could pull them off! I wasn’t even expecting the extra fee so it took me by surprise! I agree, they should start making them worldwide since they’re so popular… that cuts the costs! Xo


  3. webloglifeblog says:

    i’m obsessed with buying her lipkits I always buy in bulk though as it always makes me seem better ahaha especially as over $60 there’s no postage charge but yeah the last two times i’ve been hit with a service charge which is annoying af. i agree with the smell though it’s my fave part & the drying lips is really bad!!!


    • ashlexyz says:

      See I do love it, but the cost is crazy! I could deal with the dryness (probably) if it wasn’t for the price I have to pay! To be honest, I probably will end up buying more. I can’t resist when the colours are so gorgeous! xo


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