What’s In My Bag?

I’ve got a lot of pretty intense posts coming in the next few months that I’m currently working on so I wanted to do a nice, light-hearted fun post today! One of my favourite videos or posts to read is What’s In My Bag, there’s just something about taking a peak into other peoples bags that is so interesting to me! For the sake of this post, I’ll be leaving out the less interesting bits such as crumpled up rubbish, half eaten food and a variety of crumbs at the bottom of my bag and I’ll just share the general bulk of what I carry around with me.

The bag itself is nothing special. I’m pretty sure it was no more than £20 from Select 2, maybe even 3 years ago. I don’t switch up my bag that often – I have a smaller Michael Kors bag that I will sometimes use when I don’t want to carry this one around with me but that’s about it!

Books & Notebooks

I am a self-confessed stationary junky. I have too many notebooks than I know what to do with! I do always carry one around with me, which at the minute I use to write down my work hours because we’re 2 months into 2017 and I still haven’t got myself a new diary yet. The notebook I use at the moment is a Ted Baker – and if it looks like something you might like, keep an eye on my twitter because I have a giveaway coming in March that you might just like to take part in!

Along with this, I have two little ‘self-help books’ which are a new addition to my bag a couple of weeks ago. “In my humble opinion” is a journal book that I can use to vent my feelings – along with nifty little quotes about how annoying humans are that bring me joy. ‘The Little Book Of Confidence” is exactly what it says – a little book of quotes that help to uplift and motivate you to be more confident, face your fears and just step out of your comfort zone more confidently! Both of these books help me with my anxiety and will definitely be featuring in future posts that I spoke about at the start of this post.



My purse is from New Look, again, quite old. This is something I don’t really update that much either purely because the amount of money required to buy a new purse, I won’t have any money left to put in it! As well as this large purse, I’ve also got a smaller one that can fit a little bit of change and some cards in which at the time of taking photos I remembered was in my coat pocket and was quite simply too lazy to go get it. I will sometimes just take my smaller purse in my coat pocket instead of my whole bag!

Also, I know I said I’d keep crumpled up rubbish out of this post – but a little bit of neatly kept rubbish is fine, right? These are my latest Asda receipts, as well as a random one for one bottle of water. The 50p was just chilling in the bottom of my bag so as of today, 12/02/17, I am 50p richer than I thought!


Foodie bits

I always carry with me a bottle of water, some chewing gum (as long as Josh hasn’t stolen it all) and a snack of some sort. Don’t ever ask for chewing gum though, because no, I don’t have any that I’m willing to share.


Random bits

Deodorant so I don’t smell, tissues so I can smell if I actually do smell, umbrella because England, a scrunchie because long hair don’t care and a pen. Just the usual.



I also keep this pouch in my bag – believe it or not, I don’t really like too much clutter to overload my bag so I try to put beauty/accessory and health bits in here.


Starting with beauty bits, I will normally always have a hand cream on me. Not that I ever use it unless I’m trying to avoid social interaction in a public place so I’ll rummage in my bag and whip it out. I also carry with me a couple of lip options because you never know when you might need something. NYX has quickly become one of my favourite brands for lipstick and I recently did a review of a whole bunch of their stuff! I do normally have a lip balm or vaseline in my bag so I must have lost or left that somewhere! Sunglasses much like the umbrella must always be in my bag, because England. A perfume of some sort and a watch that should really be on my wrist but I forget to actually put it on most of the time.


Moving onto health bits – if you know me or follow me on twitter, then you’ll know my immune system is pretty terrible. A month and 2 weeks into 2017 and I’ve been poorly for a month and 1 week of it. I carry around all sorts of tablets such as cold & flu, paracetamol and normally vitamins that are currently sat in my cupboard as well as lockets that I find vile. I also have a nasal inhaler, an actual inhaler for my asthma, antibacterial wipes and antibacterial hand gel because admittedly, I can be a little bit of a self-diagnosed germaphobe.


Do you enjoy reading these posts as much as me? If you’ve also done this post please don’t hesitate for one moment to share it below, I would honestly love to read it and have a nosy into your bag!

Love, Ashley

61 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. palegirlrambling says:

    I carry tissues and baby wipes and hand gel too! I’m forever worrying I’ll touch something icky!lol
    Such a smart idea putting all your bits and bobs in a clutch inside your bag, definitely going to try that!!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


  2. EmmaLanglands says:

    I absolutely love reading ‘What’s in my Bag’ , they are so classic!!! Your bag is cute, I have a bag from 2013 and I love using it!!!
    I too have to have a walking pharmacy as I always get ill! Ahaha
    Great post xox


  3. beautyblitzblog says:

    These posts are my favourite; I love being nosey and comparing what I carry compared to everyone else. Those NYX lip lingerie lipsticks are amazing, I have so many! Xx


  4. Aphrodite says:

    I’m a nosey person as well and hands down i loved this post!!Not only becasu i had a peak in a bag but your writing is hilarious!!You made me smile so much and that’s something!!Also i wish my bag to was half organized as yours haha

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty


  5. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, Its amazing what you can fit into a bag. I love the little book of confidence I am going to see if I can get it on Amazon. I have a lot less in my bag, a must for me is a purse , phone, tissues and a snack bar, Chloe #TeacupClub


    • ashlexyz says:

      I would definitely recommend the little book of confidence if it’s something you struggle with, I couldn’t be without it now! I think it’s just under £4 on amazon. I’d love to condense the contets of my bag but I wouldn’t know where to start! x

      Liked by 1 person

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