Living with your partner

Moving in with your partner is incredibly exciting for most and the honeymoon period of living together will probably be the best time of your life. But this period doesn’t last forever and soon enough, you’ll start discovering things about your partner that annoy the eff out of you. It’s not going to be easy – but it will be worth it. Here’s some realities of living with your partner!


Your secret stash of chocolate will mysteriously disappear to this little person called “I didn’t eat it” whose best friend is “I don’t know where it is” or “it wasn’t me”


Bad’ habits that were originally cute will get on your nerves and no matter how many times you tell them to close the bathroom door when they poop or to not stack dirty dishes in the sink, it won’t stop. Probably ever.


Chore-bores! Personally, I love cleaning but I despise washing the pots. I know Josh hates washing pots too, but he’s easily bribed by “wash the pots and you can have some of my chocolate”. Find out what works for you and your partner – we normally use the “I did this so you do that” and it works for us, but not for everyone.


Money is scary. We split bills 50/50 (except when he wanted Sky Sports – he pays for that!). We also have magnetic whiteboards that stick to the fridge that tell us how much we need to pay and when, one for him and one for me. This has always worked for us!


Learn to bite your tongue. Little things they do will irritate you but sometimes it’s not worth making a fuss about. My usual go-to confrontation is just shouting “Josh!” and pointing until he’s sorted the problem.


Sex will become less spontaneous and more scheduled. Not purposely, but it will. Not like “right, it’s 9:15pm, lets do it!” but more like sex being incorporated into night time routine, and never during the day.


You will argue about thing’s that literally do not matter, like where to put the bread and potatoes. They’re minor arguments, move on quickly or forever resent the home for bread and potatoes!


You will gain weight. I don’t know what it is about living with a partner, but takeaways and quick trips to the shop for bags of junk food becomes the norm.


Show appreciation. I always struggle with showing how much I appreciate things, but it’s important to do. If they make you a cuppa, say thank you. Doing nice things and appreciating each other will the relationship fresh and the environment fuelled with positivity!


If you do fall out, solve is as quickly as you can. You’re living together, there isn’t really an option of not talking and not crossing paths. Holding grudges will make you uncomfortable in your own home, so it’s best for you relationship and your mental health to just forgive and forget.

So there we have it, a handful of of tips to help you successfully live with your partner without murdering each other! Be prepared to get annoyed with them, but at the end of the day you love them and all the little things they do are just their quirks. Remember you do things that will annoy them too, that’s just life! Learn to forgive and forget the smaller things and you’ll be happy as larry!

Please feel free to share your experiences or any tips you have!



40 thoughts on “Living with your partner

  1. theheathsblog says:

    I went through a “phase” of living with my ex when I first got pregnant,it wasn’t like I moved in but I basically stayed there for over a month. I got so fed up and irritated by him and his mates (who he lives with) that I couldn’t wait to go home! It was more his friends than him because why would I want to walk past the bathroom and see his best mate taking a dump?I wouldn’t have liked seeing my ex either but his best friend was a whole new level of disturbing. I didn’t ever want to witness that. AND THEY ALL WALKED AROUND NAKED??LIKE HELLO?! I swear my ex is/was the only one who owned any clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashlexyz says:

      Oh gosh that sounds crazy! I kinda know what you mean, by boyfriend and I met at uni when we were living in separate accommodation so I’d always be round his with his flatmates or vice versa. Luckily I never saw anyone in the bathroom! I don’t understand the obsession with leaving doors open and not wearing clothes, what strange creatures! xo

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      • theheathsblog says:

        Boys are literally from another planet! like go them for being that comfortable they don’t need clothes or a lock but please respect my eyes haha x


  2. Kirsty says:

    Haha this made me laugh. I’ve lived with my husband for 6 years now and you certainly pick up on the annoying bad habits and for some reason he loves to leave his post around the house. Which winds me up!


  3. Lisa says:

    I can’t live with someone, I just have my own stuff and I don’t think there’s enough room in my life or home for someone so I really commend you Ashley! At least I know what to look out for if I ever do let someone move in with me (there’s no way in hell I’m giving up my tenancy!!)



    • ashlexyz says:

      I’ve found that the majority of the stuff we have is actually mine… he has his Xbox and clothes haha! Sharing space is so difficult, i’d go mad if Josh wanted to put some decorations up that I didn’t like! Xo


  4. littlemissmelanie says:

    Enjoyed this post, made me laugh about the bread and potatoes! I agree though, you have to learn a lot and fast to adapt and fit in to your new living situation.


    • ashlexyz says:

      The amount of times I’ve moved the bread and potatoes back to their original home is ridiculous!! That’s exactly it, adapting to how the other person lives and both making compromises is so important! xo


  5. abbeylouisarose says:

    Fantastic advice here, Ashley! I totally agree about some habits that you once thought were cute turning into MAJOR annoyances! I also definitely think that showing appreciation for your partner is important – nothing keeps love alive for longer than showing that you care! Really enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing!

    Abbey 💋


    • ashlexyz says:

      Ahhh right?! It used to be so cute that my partner left the door open when he went to the toilet and now I’m like PLEASE. CLOSE. THE DOOR! And I definitely agree. I still struggle with showing appreciation but I do try! Thank you for commenting xo


    • ashlexyz says:

      This is one of my favourite comments I’ve ever received! I love that you enjoy my style of writing – that’s a huge compliment! I always try to write like I’m just talking to a friend so it doesn’t seem too robotic! xo


  6. keepingupwithMJ says:

    Oh wow, it’s like you just hit me with the true facts about life living with babe! Omg, is it really this way? Lol. I mean I can only imagine! I’m a clean freak and my BF knows that so whenever we move in together he knows the deal. I’m laughing at the part of what was now cute is annoying! Hahaha that I can say is probably so ughhhh! Otherwise this is some great stuff. I liked it!


    • ashlexyz says:

      It most definitely has downsides (for lack of a better word) but it’s so much fun living with your partner! I have never once regretted it, and although it can be difficult it’s the best decision I ever made moving in with him! You’ll love it when you do too, I’m sure! xo

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  7. Ela Kaimo says:

    Living with a partner can be intensely rewarding but also really challenging! It’s really changed the way I see relationships. For me, it can make or break them – I know it broke mine a couple of years ago.


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